The unarmed self-defense techniques (Taijutsu) of the Bujinkan system includes applications of and responses to strikes, throws, holds, chokes, joint-locks and more.

Of the nine schools (Ryu or programs) in the Bujinkan system, Gyokko Ryu is one of the oldest (12th century). Many of techniques that form the foundation of the Bujinkan’s unarmed system are derived from this program. These include basic striking & blocking techniques (Dakentaijutsu), attack areas (Kyusho), groundwork (Taihenjutsu), joint locks (Gyaku Gi Waza), and unarmed responses to weapons (Muto Dori). 

One example would be learning responses to being attacked from behind (Haibu Yori), such as how to escape from being choked (sangyaku jime) as in THIS VIDEO.

Another of the the older (12th century) schools in the Bujinkan system is Shinden Fudo Ryu. This program lays the foundations for learning jutaijutsu (grappling/throwing) techniques and responses to being grabbed or thrown (Nage Kaeshi) as in THIS VIDEO.